Gratitude is a powerful way to create massive change in our lives and can move us from feeling stuck to thriving. To intentionally acknowledge what we have already received and give thanks is the most powerful way to speed up the realization of what we want to come into our physical reality.

Give Thanks

Offering gratitude helps to focus our creative control and influence the outcomes in our lives. But sometimes the Mind has a tendency to beat us up and can be hard on us. Often, we are so focused on our troubles and trying to fix them that we forget to be grateful for what is working in our lives and for the miracles we already receive. Some of these are easy to identify, particularly when things are going well. These are things such as family, friends, pets, travel, career opportunities, good health, a sense of purpose, a creative outlet, etc.

But when things aren’t going as we want them to, being grateful for the smallest of moments throughout the day can feel more satisfying than landing the dream job. The chance to savor a delicious cup of coffee, a good book, a walk with your dog are all examples of the everyday blessings that do exist and can serve us in ways bigger than we can imagine. It is important to consciously notice these moments as they occur throughout the day. They can remind us to slow down, be kind and gentle with ourselves and others, and not take life too seriously. They may occur where and when we least expect but also when we need them the most. Yet If we are too distracted to pay attention to them we may miss out on opportunities to create more abundance for ourselves. This is because energy goes where energy is given. As we slowly start to feel good again by noticing these smaller blessings, the mind is not so hard on us and then we can awaken to the potential for the energy to shift.

Gratitude Creates Change

What we choose to consciously focus on and put our attention towards builds and grows in ways that may initially seem subtle. But I promise you the manifestation of our biggest dreams comes first from a single thought. So, it is important to not let these seemingly insignificant moments pass us by without taking the chance to offer thanks for them. It sounds so simple, but it might not be easy, especially in challenging times. When we are in the middle of chaos we must remember that gratitude is what will offer us the most assistance and support. It helps us to raise our vibration energetically, which just means going from feeling down to a little bit lighter. And by doing so we can then remain open to all sorts of possibilities we may have previously been closed off to.

The smile from the neighbor across the road when we’re having a bad day, or a kind word from the cashier at the grocery store when we’re rushing home to make dinner can serve us in ways we can’t even imagine. Particularly when they strike us as random or out of context. This means that they are given to us specifically so that we might notice them. This is our guidance system encouraging us to pay attention, it wants to inspire us in the direction of our dreams. But in order to feel and express gratitude we have to have an open heart, and we need to have gratitude to keep an open heart. This is where some of these smaller moments have a huge impact – they help shift us into a mindset of receiving and thus energetically set our vibration to one of allowing. The formula is simple – the more we are grateful for the more life brings us stuff to be grateful for. And as an added bonus, it will also feel good in the moment.

Daily Practice 

Gratitude is the biggest thing I do for myself every day. It helps me stay in my own power and create an intention for the day. I invite you to spend as little as ten minutes a day writing a list of things you are appreciative for and watch the energy, see how it grows.  Don’t just go through the motions, be a conscious creator.

~ Exerpt from “You Can Heal Your Chakras” by Angela Strank


by | May 3, 2018


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