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My Truth

Angela Strank Energy Medicine Practitioner

Hi, I’m Angela Strank, Energy Medicine Practitioner and founder of Live Your Best Life.

I believe that everyone deserves to THRIVE.

It is my belief that the limiting beliefs, fears and negative stories we tell ourselves keep us small and held down. We have to grow into the experience of thriving and to do so we have to learn to let go. Let go of the path we think we should walk to embrace the path we are meant to live. Release the idea that we are somehow flawed so we can remember how beautiful we are.

I am here to help you remember your truth, and will support you in letting go of the LIMITING beliefs that are in your way. To help you to say “yes” to life you were born to live.

In my practice I have helped people just like you for nearly 20 years. I have witnessed countless people all around the world transform their lives one light at a time, and I want the same for you.

It’s time to shine.

Don’t just survive. THRIVE! I’ll show you how.

Living on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, I spend my days helping people and businesses THRIVE.  I have been blessed with unique gifts that help me do just that. Along the way you will experience the benefit of these gifts.  I am also an avid equestrian, huge animal lover, traveler, trail runner and life-long student of Consciousness. However most importantly, I have learned to say YES to the miracles in life.

My life hasn’t always been this abundant

My life hasn’t always been this abundant. fulfilling or expansive. From an early age I was exposed to violence, alcohol addictions and abuse. I was bullied for being different. I felt very alone and isolated from the rest of the world. I experienced all of this while living under the poverty line.

As a young adult, I had my own struggles with financial difficulties, depression, isolation, self-sabotaging patterns, abusive relationships and serious health issues.

Bottom line, my life was very difficult and I felt alone.

Angela Strank - Childhood Home
Angela Strank - Childhood

Then life woke me up.

In my darkest days I was shown a way to make real, lasting changes by going deep into my pain instead of running from it. I awoke to a higher power which transformed my life from the inside out. Because of this, I was given the gift of seeing and transforming patterns which rob people from living a fulfilling and joyful life. I was also shown a way to work with the energetics of a business in order to create higher levels of growth and success.

My deep inner healing had begun. That experience changed the course of my life and life has never been the same since. The healing power of my awakening gave me the strength to do the deep inner work which I had been avoiding for years. Witnessing the shifts that followed, led me to fulfill my life purpose as an advocate to help others and businesses thrive. I knew that I had finally found the key to making real, lasting changes in my life and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Angela with her horse, Dexter

Today, my life isn’t even recognizable.

I am free from depression and have put down roots in the most beautiful part of the world. A strong community of people has been built around me and my business. When I get clear on a direction, I follow through with tenacity. I travel multiple times a year to fabulous destinations and I am more abundant than ever before. I know what true success means in business and every year I get to experience higher levels of Its success. I am also blessed with wonderful, meaningful relationships in my life which are based in love, trust, mutual respect, and fun!

I share this with you because my wish is for you is to know what it truly means to thrive. I want to encourage you to be who you truly are, do what you love and have all that your heart desires. My purpose here is to passionately remind you that you are amazing, beautiful and loved!

Have you had your own struggles in life or business? Have you ever felt like life isn’t fair and no matter what you do you can’t seem to change it? I know on some level you can probably relate to some of what I’ve shared with you today. I want to know; what have you been through that makes you uniquely you? Please share a little bit about your story by replying to this email. I have found that we are more alike than we are different. Our stories may differ but our desire to belong, to be loved, to be understood and to be free is what bonds us.

I am lucky to say that I have come out the other side of my darkest days. In doing so, I am now blessed to work with 23 different energies designed to awaken your greatest potential. Each energy process has a specific purpose ranging from manifesting to clearing limited beliefs to transforming life-long patterns. One of the frequencies can even help balance our hormonal system. And any woman knows, when our hormones our out of whack, our life will feel out of control.

These energies have changed my life and transformed my business in ways that I cannot even explain. I’m hoping as we develop a deeper relationship together that I will be able to share these beautiful and magical energies with you.

It’s time to start living your dream life.

Big Love,


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