These sessions are for individuals who want to align with their greatest potential and true soul purpose.


Are you looking to be, and are you willing to be, transformed? Do you thirst to understand and explore the true meaning of your life?  What if you could tap into your soul’s vision for your life?

When we learn to direct our energy in service to our soul, life unfolds in miraculous ways. Did you know that your soul holds the key to unlocking your greatest potential? Any self-limiting beliefs can be transformed into life-affirming experiences when we engage the soul to heal the subconscious mind. It is estimated that the subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and it drives our entire system.

What we put out energetically is what we attract into our experience.  Higher energy emotions such as love or joy elicit a higher energetic state and help us attract more loving, joyful experiences.  

What does this mean for YOU? When you aim to live life in a consistent state of higher energy, life quickly begins to change. Positive emotions begin to effortlessly bring positive experiences. 

Elevation sessions will:

  • Affirm everything you know to be true and give you the courage to move your dreams into reality.
  • Accelerate your growth by clearing the inner resistance to change.
  • Help you gain clarity about how your limiting beliefs may be impacting your success.
  • Assist in building high vibrational energy to manifest your greatest dreams

A session will take anywhere from 40-50 minutes and will be done over the phone.

$150 CDN

“I have experienced Elevation Sessions with Angela twice now.  During the sessions I felt completely submerged in the process both in body and mind.  My visualizations were extremely clear and I experienced physical and emotional reactions during the process which was, well, intense! Within an hour after my first session I started seeing the tangible results—it was amazing.  I’ve always considered Angela a life changer but these sessions take what she does up another level, in an amazing way.  I am so beyond grateful to work with Angela!! “

– Danielle B.

“BLOWN AWAY!!!!! I have always LOVED working with the incredibly gifted Angela Strank and she is SO in-tune with energy and has helped me manifest the life I want and cleared the things I don’t want. Today, I had an intuitive reading with her. I am just mind blown with the things and guidance that came up!  Seriously – if you can use some direction or have questions about your life, get in touch with her!!! Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – she is gifted and can tap into your energy without even knowing you, having ever met you and before you even say a word! INCREDIBLE!!!! Love her!!!”

– Dawn Z., Entrepreneur

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