Working with Angela for business is a unique monthly service where she helps align you, your beliefs and the energetics of your business for success.

Angela first started working on her own business using this methodology. After 5 years in business, she was not able to break the $20K per year. As a result, she needed to stay in her day job to help pay her monthly bills. After one year of applying energy to her own business, she increased her bottom line from $20K to $50K. This significant financial jump allowed her to leave her day job. Growth continued the second year with an increase to an income exceeding $100K per annum.
She knew that she was onto something with utilizing the energy to grow a business and wanted to help others do the same. She offered to help a client who was struggling in their business and after applying the same practices and energy that client also started to see massive financial gains and accelerated success. Working with 6-10 businesses per month, this unique service is one of Angela’s favourite ways to utilize the energy.

What to expect:

    • Together you will discuss your vision and business goals to see where you need support.
    • Each week, Angela will work with the energetics of your business, virtually.  She will begin with the energetic framework of your business to ensure a strong foundation for growth, opportunities and tangible success.
    • As the business experiences growth, Angela will help you draw in greater opportunities, higher paying clients, increased profits and expanded growth.
Angela works with 23 different energies designed to awaken our greatest potential. Each energy process has a specific purpose ranging from manifesting to clearing limiting beliefs to transforming life-long patterns to accelerated growth.

To date, Angela has helped a wide range of businesses including Mortgage Specialists, Realtors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, IT Companies, Marine Specialists, Estheticians, Web Designers, Lawyers, Interior Designers, Psychologists, Kinesiologists, and Bookkeepers. She has found that no matter the industry or business model, every business can benefit from the energies and the Business Elevation methodology.

I had been working with Angela in my personal life for a year, watching all of my dreams materialize and all of my relationships grow and balance. When she began working on my business I set very specific goals and intentions, within a few months my business has grown “effortlessly” and my stress levels have gone from 10/10 to 2/10. I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy Angela is working with has everything taken care of for my business. It continues to grow, new goals continue to be set and met, and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders. I no longer worry about where the next client will come from, I have total trust in Angela’s work. I am forever grateful and can’t imagine life before working with her!

Mortgage Specialist, Canada

I’ve been working with Angela since 2017. Her guidance has had a profound effect on my attitude and approach to life in general, how I build relationships and maintain more consistent balance in my life. In February 2020 we began working with my business establishing specific goals and intentions, and within a month there was a tangible shift in momentum in my work life. It has only grown from there.

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