Imagine your life where the dreams you hold become a reality.

Your dream trip, your ideal relationship, your perfect home.

Whatever your dreams are, they are yours to manifest.

Start your journey as a student of manifesting through Dreamscape.  In this self paced course we will give you a blueprint for planning, creating and awakening your visionary board.  

A visionary board is a powerful tool used to manifest dreams—BIG DREAMS—the ones you can’t get out of your head.

This self paced course begins with planning. How can you manifest your dreams if you don’t know what they are? 

We give you the tools to review your current situation, your future dream situation and have built in high vibrational energy to help you clear the path.  Next you will create your visionary board with the guidance in Dreamscape.

We walk you through, step by step, including how, why and what to do with your visionary board once it’s complete.  

Last, using guided meditation infused with high vibrational energy, we will awaken your visionary board.  This is a key part of the process that is most often overlooked but necessary for the most exciting manifesting you’ve ever imagined.

You can have it all!

“This is a very beneficial course that will help you focus on what you want to have in your life. Angela Strank is a very gifted guide and helps you “see” your goals more clearly. Certainly worth your time….. And it works!”

In this course you will receive:

* A beautiful downloadable PDF including a step by step blueprint to create your visionary board

* Practices throughout that include high vibrational energy and guided meditation

* Access to our private Facebook Dream Quest Insiders group where you can share your experience, ask questions and hear more from our community

We are so excited for you to begin this journey of manifesting!  

The impact Dream Quest has had in my life is immeasurable.  I was able to unpack areas that were holding me back from living my dreams, learn how to raise my vibration, clearly visualize the life I really wanted and put it all into practice.  Now I am living in my dream home, in my dream location, with my dream job.  I couldn’t ask for more!”

Dream Quest Pro+ client

Angela is a leading expert in helping people engage the subconscious mind for change. She uses high vibrational energy with potent guided visualizations to transform lives.

It is Angela’s passion and belief that everyone deserves to thrive. She believes that living a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life is available to everyone when we change limiting beliefs. Her gentle, trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many.

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