I lift my thoughts to higher levels of happy living.

I lift my thoughts to the higher levels of happy livingThis week’s White Light Affirmation focused on elevating our threshold for peace and happiness.

We all have a threshold for happiness before we begin to sabotage this state of being. For example, someone who has grown up in an unstable emotional environment may unconsciously worry when things get calm and easy. They may have learned that there is a calm just before the storm and to be cautious. The moment they start to experience peace and happiness they may begin to feel anxious. For others, they may have grown up in a more stable environment but they too would have learned that there are limits to the levels of peace and happiness that we can experience.

But what if those limits can be stretched? Wherever you are, we can always reach for greater heights of peace and happiness and feel safe and comfortable in doing so.

by | Sep 11, 2017


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