I have a new sense of hope and inspiration

The winter months are a natural time of rest and recharge. It is also a time when we can feel emotionally and energetically low. Things slow down and we can often feel stuck.This is because our energy has shifted inward and become still. We are in rest mode waiting for the spring to arrive when change and manifestation requires renewed energy.

In this White Light Affirmation process, we will release the heaviness of the season and infuse the heart space with more hope and inspiration to help move us through these last few months.

To maximize the benefits of this affirmation, place your hands over your heart chakra and repeat the affirmation 10 times. Take a deep, full breath between each statement.

Click here to watch my video on YouTube to receive additional energy support for this affirmation.​​​​​​​

by | Feb 18, 2019


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