We are officially in February!  I would love to hear how your year is going and what amazing things you have shaping up for 2023?  What big dreams are you dreaming or what has already manifested in this last month?  Respond here and share!

There is a potential you are doing the visualizing or have made a vision board and nothing seems to be shifting.  There are many reasons for this.  It could be timing, limiting beliefs or maybe the universe has bigger plans for you.  Regardless, one thing you can do to help yourself is balance.  Today, we are going to start with getting your Root Chakra awakened and balanced.

As you may know, the root chakra is the base of our foundation. When we have a root chakra that is awakened, balanced and filled with vitality we have a strong foundation.  Likewise, imbalance in this chakra will lead to weaknesses in our foundation and imbalance into our higher chakras.

When our root chakra is balanced we feel safe. Safe within ourselves, secure in our community, stable emotionally and secure financially. Furthermore, balance in the root chakra will align us with what is meant for us in life, our highest potential.

Today, Angela walks us through an energy process to help us awaken and balance our root chakra.  

This energy is very wise and wants the best for us.

Feel free to watch this video multiple times in order to help build on the energy you are creating.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the start of your dream life!