Many of us have the tendency to overcommit or give of ourselves to the extent that we’ve emptied our cup and put our wellbeing last.  While it can be difficult to say “no” to others, part of optimizing our health is being able to stay in our power.  We can do that by setting healthy boundaries.

Within our body, the Solar Plexus is our personal power center.  It is the location of our body where we hold stress, anxiety, worry and concern.  We may feel this with tightness or burning or when we are truly anxious, it may feel like we’ve been punched in the stomach.

When we lack boundaries in our life, we can experience a weakening of our power center. 

In this energetic process, Angela will help you strengthen your relationship with boundaries, clear resistance to setting boundaries and nourish your solar plexus to help you stay in your power with more stability.

This energy is very wise and wants the best for us. 

Feel free to watch this video multiple times in order to help build on the energy you are creating.

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