When life gets challenging, it can be difficult to feel grateful.  When we are in survival mode we automatically revert to meeting our basic needs, which are found in our lower chakras (i.e. root chakra).

The feeling of gratitude comes from our heart chakra so it is natural, when we are in survival mode, to have a difficult time feeling grateful.

We can cultivate gratitude through what we focus on and what we give appreciation to, but we can also align with the energy of gratitude. When we elevate our energetic state, out of the lower chakras and into the heart chakra, we can generate more and more gratitude.

When we are living in a state of gratitude and appreciation, we receive more to appreciate and be grateful for.

This Energy Rich video is designed to help support and assist you in creating more gratitude, raise your vibration to help you get into alignment with your heart chakra.

Take a few minutes to lay down, get comfortable and enjoy this Energy Rich process. The energy is wise and wants the very best for you. Feel free to watch this video multiple times in order to help build on the energy you are creating.

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