A question is like a prayer. When we pose a question the natural polarity response is to receive an answer. It’s like two magnets that are attracted together through opposition. Both the positive and negative polarity exists because we live in a world of polarity. Masculine energies naturally balance out the feminine. Dark magnifies the light and a good day is often more recognizable after difficult times. And each problem seeks its solution.

The answers to any question can be answered within a moment. How many times have we asked a question and before we’ve even finished the sentence, the answer has arrived? How would that even be possible if asking questions didn’t naturally attract an answer? Like two magnets drawn together, it can show up instantly.

Sometimes the answers don’t come right away. We may have to ask the questions over and over again until we create enough energetic space to house the answer. Maybe something within our own consciousness needs to shift to allow the answers to come forth. But a delay in response doesn’t mean we are not meant to know the answer. It may mean that more energy or alignment needs to occur for us to line up with the answer.

How we ask a question is very important. Depending on how the question is asked, receiving no answer may be THE answer. The Universe is literal in its response to our intentions, so make sure you are posing questions that give you a clear answer. For example, “If I was to know if I should stay home or go out with my friends tonight, what would the answer be?” If you don’t receive an answer but you are feeling more and more relaxed at home, then maybe the answer is to do nothing…in other words stay home.

Some questions produce more profound results faster than others. For example, a higher charged question regarding losing weight might be, “What would my life be like if I lost 30 pounds?” verses “How can I lose weight?” You can speed up the process by asking your questions more frequently as well. The authors of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series did just that when they kept asking over and over for the name of a best-selling title for their book. They had to ask the question many times until the answer finally revealed itself in meditation to one of the authors. Sure enough, those books went on to be huge best sellers as they had intended.

Asking questions in many different ways is also highly effective. For example, “What will it take for me to lose weight?” “What will I have to change in my diet for me to lose weight?” What will I have to change in my exercise regime to support my body in losing weight?” “What have I not yet considered that I need to change in my life for my body to lose weight?” Asking these types of question in as many different ways as possible covers all the bases. When enough energetic space is created for your intention to be answered, subsequent change will rush in.

Children are our best example of this process put into daily action. They continuously ask questions which is why they grow and change far more rapidly than adults do. As we get older, we’re often conditioned to stop asking questions and this limits our ability to have new experiences. When I was a child, I remember my brother saying to me, “Stop asking so many questions!” This confused me because I didn’t know how else I was to obtain the knowledge I was seeking.

It is no surprise that as we got older we get more set in our ways as we stop being curious about life. The more we think we know, the less we are connected to new possibilities and potentials that are available to us.

Sometimes life intervenes when we become too stagnant in our growth process. Some tragedies force us to ask the tough questions that we would not otherwise contemplate, or have the courage to ask. After a tragedy, people often will ask themselves, “Why is this happening to me?” or “What do I need to learn from this experience?” Ironically, on some level the individuals involved were probably asking to wake up and the tragedy was the catalyst to that change. Other life challenges, such as divorce and job loss, will also encourage a life review of old beliefs or patterns that one has outgrown.

The Process!

Just Ask! No question is too big or small to be answered. If our mind can think of the question, then the answer already exists. Asking as many questions as we can in as many different ways possible will speed up the process and eventually ensure the results we seek.

The hard part is staying “awake” and being aware of the answers when they come. Often we live on autopilot and are completely shut down to the co-creative process surrounding us. Our senses become dulled and we stop paying attention to the magic and synchronicity unfolding around us. By staying awake, the mind can refocus on the present moment and tune into the deeper meaning of life and the guidance we are receiving.

Once you receive an answer, trust what shows up. Second guessing the answers that come forth disconnects us from the co-creative process of change. If trust is a huge issue start by asking the small questions first, until you regain enough trust in the answers you are receiving. For example, “If I was to know where my glasses are where would they be?” Like anything, the more we practice something, the more skilled we become. Therefore, the more we trust the process the more powerfully it can work for us.

The next step is to take inspired action. For example, if you’re asking how to lose weight and what shows up is to change your diet, then honor the guidance by doing your part in the co-creative process. Before you know it, you will be receiving the desired results you’ve intended for.

Finally, a dash of gratitude keeps the transformations coming. Give thanks and celebrate when your questions find their answers. The more grateful we feel, the more the Universe brings forth that for us to be grateful for.

~ Exerpt from “You Can Heal Your Chakras” by Angela Strank

by | May 3, 2018


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