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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or exhausted? 

Perhaps you can’t escape your past.  Is pain or poor self-image holding you back? Are you unable to forgive or receive? 

Join the many people that made the courageous choice to change their lives by exploring Angela’s highly anticipated “You Can Heal Your Chakras” book and accompanying course coming out in the fall of 2019. We can experience happiness right now when we let go of guilt, shame, fear and frustration. 

Develop a deeper understanding and relationship with the subtle energies of your chakras.  Angela’s upcoming book and accompanying online course will help unravel the deep conditioning that keeps you small and held down. It’s time to Awaken your True Self! 

Here is why this course is important to you:

  • You can expand your awareness of the connection between the energetic Chakras, the physical body, your beliefs and your emotions.  Discover how changing your beliefs can transform your inner world!

  • Discover the secret of how the Chakras reveal the stories behind our lives. When we clear the old stories out, our true authentic self can emerge.

  • Angela will share proven and effective techniques used by the Masters that you can use to balance your chakras.  Shift from negativity to being truly happy.

  • Angela will show you how accessing higher vibrational energy can transform your life and help you thrive.

Angela Strank

Angela is a leading expert in using high vibrational energy with powerful intentions to transform our lives. It is Angela’s passion and belief that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life. Her gentle, trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many.

Here is what others are sharing about their experiences with Angela:

Testimonial from Dawn for Angela Strank

“You are amazing and my life has gotten a million times better since working with you”

– Dawn P., Health & Wellness Entrepreneur Langford, BC

“Angela is very intuitive, she knows exactly what I am going through. She does not make you relive your past which can be painful.  In fact after a session with Angela I feel relaxed, refreshed and full of energy.”

– Margo K., Marketing Manager, Victoria, BC

Danielle B

“Angela is much more than a life coach, she is a life changer. Her impact on my life has been immeasurable.”

~ Danielle B., Woman Entrepreneur, Cayman Islands

“Angela is REAL. She is an absolute true person; when you get to know Angela you know that you can confide in her and trust her and you will feel a complete connection with her. You are deeply respected.”  

– W.L.T., Entrepreneur Victoria, BC

“I have noticed a HUGE shift in myself since working with Angela… There are some days where I literally cannot ‘wipe’ the smile off my face.”

– E. W. Interior Designer, Edmonton, AB

Testimonial from Wendy for Angela

“All I can say is WOW!! The work that you do is truly amazing. Your work is very powerful and if anyone has the chance to work with Angela take it right away. You will be inspired to change!”

– Wendy M., Reg. Massage Therapist, Chemainus, BC 

Course Info

Here is what you will experience in this course:

You Can Heal Your Chakras

Chakras (energy centres) are places along the spine where universal life force energy is concentrated. Any time you have a pleasurable thought, emotion, physical sensation, or limiting belief you are experiencing feedback about the state of your chakra system.

Every emotionally significant event of your life leaves an energetic imprint upon your chakras. Any perceived negative events create distortions within the energy centres which will remain in place until the trauma has been fully cleared.

Belief restructuring is the fastest way to clear your chakras of energetic imbalances. Imagine your chakras are like film projectors that project out into the world your beliefs and perspectives about life. To manifest your dreams you need only to update your beliefs and rebalance your chakras to full functioning. Then you will be able to experience more love, success and happiness in your life.

Course Breakdown

The course is delivered in seven self paced modules plus bonus modules.  Here are the highlights of each module.

Root Chakra 

Developing the Foundation

This chakra is the foundation of our life. Cracks in our foundation will cause challenges throughout our life. The most powerful influence of this chakra is on our physical safety, survival and fight or flight system. Experience more trust, safety and being more grounded when this chakra is balanced.

Sacral Chakra

Developing the Personality

This chakra creates our core beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. It also creates our emotional safety in the world. Many people may feel physically safe but are emotionally hiding. It is often referred to as the chakra of intimacy (in-to-me-see.) There is a strong connection to our emotions, food (allergies, food choices, and quantity), self-control, criticism, finances and abundance. Be more abundant and emotionally balanced in your life with this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Mastering the Mind 

Balance this chakra and develop your ability to be in charge of your mind, live a full and successful life, and reclaim your personal power. You can become happy and peaceful, overcome addictions and let go of power struggles. This chakra can free you from anxiety and improve digestion.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Mastering the Mind

Heart Chakra

Opening the Heart

The heart chakra is the chakra of relationships. Experience more love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, passion and harmony in your relationships. Be free from depression, guilt, resentment, and bitterness so your relationships can become more loving and supportive.

Heart Chakra - Opening the Heart

Throat Chakra

The Secret Key to Consciousness

The chakra of creative expression awakens our true authentic Self. Increase your ability to develop clear and loving communication. Awaken your true life purpose and increases vitality through this chakra.

Throat Chakra - The Secret Key to Consciousness

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition & Expanded Awareness

Enjoy living from an expanded perspective. Increase intuition and navigate your life with greater wisdom and guidance. Experience a life that flows and feels blessed. This chakra can balance hormones and improve sleep.

Third Eye Chakra - Intuition & Expanded Awareness

Crown Chakra

The Crown of Consciousness

This chakra is the path to an awakened Consciousness. It aligns with our divinity and allows us to experience Oneness with life. We feel more love, peace and expansive joy. Be inspired and be a powerful visionary.

Crown Chakra - The Crown of Consciousness

What’s included in the course:

Seven Module Course

– Videos and written content explaining each chakra in depth

– Yoga practices, mudras and mantras to balance each chakra

– Guided meditations to walk you through healing all of your chakras

– Recipes for meals that will help align your chakras

– Psychological theology around each chakra and how they develop as we grow through our lives

Chakra Energy Clearing for Each Chakra

– Angela’s unique Meditative Healings use potent Source energy combined with the relaxed meditative state to heal your energetic field and align your chakras.

Secret Bonus for completing the course!

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