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Visionary Sessions

Miracles live here - Energetic Intensives for Professionals with Angela Strank

Visionary Session

Visionary sessions are for seekers who want Soul Guidance for their lives.

  • These sessions are intended to hold a space for you to move your dreams into reality.
  • They will help accelerate your growth and manifestations by clearing the inner resistance to change.
  • Visionary sessions will affirm everything you know to be true and give you the courage to move forward to honour your dreams.
  • You will gain clarity about how your limiting beliefs may be impacting your success.
  • You will then begin to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones which will bring more miracles and synchronicities into your life.

A session will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes and will be done over the phone.

$125 CDN

Testimonial from Barbara for Angela Strank

“Angela’s professionalism and warmth put me at ease. She listened so intently to what I said that she consistently picked up on trigger words that I’d barely been aware of saying.  Her level of engagement with me as a client was extraordinary. Thank you Angela for taking the time to share your amazing skills to help me live my best life.”

– Barbara S., Author

Are You An Awakened Individual?


The Awakened Individual is someone looking to be, and willing to be, transformed from the inside out.

You hold a bigger vision for your life and future than you are currently experiencing. You are seeking long-lasting, deep-rooted change but may not know how to achieve it. You have unlived dreams that are waiting to be awakened. You may lack the self-confidence to back up the visions you hold for yourself. You have a true desire to receive more miracles, blessings and magic in your life. It is time for your awakening.

Energetic Intensives for Professionals with Angela Strank for the Enlightened Entrepreneur
Quotation Marks

“I have experienced an Energetic Intensive session with Angela twice now.  During the sessions, I felt completely submerged in the process both in body and mind.  My visualizations were extremely clear and I experienced physical and emotional reactions during the process which was, well, intense! Within an hour after my first session, I started seeing the tangible results—it was amazing.  I’ve always considered Angela a life changer, but these sessions take what she does up another level, in an amazing way.  I am so beyond grateful to work with Angela!!”

– Danielle B., Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need to do my energetic intensive?
Once you book your Energetic Intensive Angela will need your full birthdate so she can map out the lessons and gifts this reveals about you. You may ask questions that relate to today along with any dreams and visions you hold for the future. Guidance will come through for Angela that is relevant to your specific concerns in a manner that is best suited for you. A session will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes and will be done over the phone.
Are these the same as psychic readings?
These offerings are NOT psychic readings. Angela’s has the unique ability to tune into your vibrational frequency and can see what lies within your full potential.
What makes energetic intensive sessions unique?

These offerings are based on your full birthdate (which represents your personality, your emotional responses to life and your true life purpose) along with the energetics of your professional and personal goals. Your birthdate reveals the challenges you continually bump against in this lifetime and the Visionary Sessions can help you break free from those persistent challenges. Your birthdate also reveals what you are uniquely positioned to help others with based on your life experiences.

What makes the visionary sessions unique?

The work that I do is truly unique. I will have you share with me what is currently going on in your life that you wish to heal, change or transform. As you are sharing, I will be guided on what may be getting in your way to having more happiness, joy and success in your life. I combine high vibrational energy with subconscious reprogramming techniques to create lasting shifts for you.  The combination of the two is a very powerful way to let go of limiting beliefs so you can create the life of your dreams.

What can I expect?

Once you book your Visionary Session you will email Angela your full birthdate so she can map out the lessons and gifts your birthdate reveals about you. Prior to your session, she will have you write down 3-5 questions you wish to have guidance with in relationship to your personal and professional goals. Angela will have you read your list to her during your session when she is connected to your energy field. You may ask questions that relate to today along with any dreams and visions you hold for the future. Guidance will come through for Angela that is relevant to your specific concerns in a manner that is best suited for you. A session will take anywhere from 50-75 minutes and will be done over the PHONE.

Will our session be confidential?
This is a Professional session and as such will be treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality. Your session will honor where you are now and where you are aiming to be in your relationships, career, finances and wellness. Visionary Sessions are uniquely tailored just for you and can be a powerful tool of transformation and change to help you move your life to the next level.

Are you ready for your own life transformation?

“I’ve been so blessed to have been working with Angela for many months now, and I can honestly say that the changes and results I’ve experienced are subtle but extremely profound.  I’ve experienced so much change within the last 7 months and really have moved through some old patterns in a positive way.  I feel the work we’ve done together has helped me grow more into myself and invites more and more peace into my life on a daily basis.  Angela is extremely gifted at what she does and I truly believe anything is possible when working with her gifts.”

– Dionne J., Herbalist

“Our kids do not come into the world knowing how to navigate difficult situations. We as parents need to be there to teach & guide them. After months of watching our son struggle with being bullied at school, we decided to try another form of support. We called Angela hoping she could help our family. With in 24 hrs of talking with Angela there was a major shift in our son. And after a few days he was enjoying himself again at school and the “bully” was now his FRIEND. There are times when we don’t have all the answers and I am so very grateful there are people in the world like Angela. With Angela’s help we were able to give our son the support he needed and now our family can Thrive.”

– Samantha E.

“I truly feel I have shifted more in our 3 sessions together than in the last almost 40 years! I feel so much calmer, definitely more solid, and radiant! I always felt like I had the huge heavy burden of energy that seemed glued to me but I knew it wasn’t the real me, I just couldn’t shift it no matter what I tried…and I have tried a lot! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the catalyst for change that I have been searching for and and my soul has been willing and longing for me to find.  It has been a real game changer for me. Thank you Angela.”

– Jackie G.

“Thank you so much for all your teachings and support ! You really are just the best at what you do.”

– Heather H.

“Started today with an amazing session with Angela Strank. To say this woman gave me a gift is an understatement and I am beyond grateful for the time she spent with me this AM. The energy she shared with me is working its way into my soul–I can feel it happening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Angela. For your gift, your time and for the care you shared with me the other day. For your energy that you continue to share and for this meditation practice you gifted to me. I am grateful beyond words.”

– Danielle C.

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