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Visionary Sessions

These sessions are for individuals who want to supercharge manifesting their dream life.


Life is good.  Your needs are met.  You are in a good space, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You are grateful for all that you have and are excited for all that is coming.

You’ve made your visionary board and perhaps even gone through Dream Quest.  What does your dream life look like?  Everyone’s is different.  Some focus on a home for their family.  Some focus on their dream job or having a successful business.  Whatever your dream life looks like, manifesting it starts with the subconscious mind.




The more you are in higher vibrational energy and focused on your dreams, the quicker they will manifest.  Visionary sessions with Angela will access this high vibrational energy and super charge your manifesting. 

    A session will take anywhere from 50-60 minutes and will be done over the phone.

    $150 CDN

    “During Covid I was given the hard and stressful news that I had to move because my place was up for sale. I had been looking for a new home in Vancouver for a while but wasn’t finding anything.

    I had one phone session with Angela and the next morning at 7 am I saw a place on Craig’s list that seemed beautiful and had everything I had asked for. I phoned and was able to see it that day at 1pm. I loved the suite and they liked me so I signed the papers at 3pm. Less then 24 hours after my session I had found the perfect place that I had been asking for, stress free. Thanks Angela for sharing your gifts and helping me manifest this perfect home.”

    – C. N., Vancouver, BC

    “BLOWN AWAY!!!!! I have always LOVED working with the incredibly gifted Angela Strank and she is SO in-tune with energy and has helped me manifest the life I want and cleared the things I don’t want. Today, I had an intuitive reading with her. I am just mind blown with the things and guidance that came up!  Seriously – if you can use some direction or have questions about your life, get in touch with her!!! Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – she is gifted and can tap into your energy without even knowing you, having ever met you and before you even say a word! INCREDIBLE!!!! Love her!!!”

    – Dawn Z., Entrepreneur

    “I have experienced Elevation Sessions with Angela twice now.  During the sessions I felt completely submerged in the process both in body and mind.  My visualizations were extremely clear and I experienced physical and emotional reactions during the process which was, well, intense! Within an hour after my first session I started seeing the tangible results—it was amazing.  I’ve always considered Angela a life changer but these sessions take what she does up another level, in an amazing way.  I am so beyond grateful to work with Angela!! “

    – Danielle B.


    Do I need to have a visionary board in order to book a visionary session?

    No but it will definitely help!  A visionary board is an image filled representation of your dream life.  It will provide clarity on what is truly important to you and will evoke feelings of excitement, joy, and happiness just by looking at it.  After all, when you manifest these dreams, aren’t those the feelings you are going for?  

    The subconscious mind works in the feeling space.  So, when you have a visionary board and are able to access all of those good feelings, your subconscious will get the message that this is the path!

    Is this the same as DREAM QUEST?

    Visionary sessions can be booked at any time but are most powerful when used in conjunction with the DREAM QUEST energetic program. 

    What can I expect in a visionary session?

    The session will be over the phone and last approximately 50-60 minutes.  Prior to your session, we recommend spending some time with your vision board and getting clarity on what the most important pieces of the puzzle are to you.  During your session Angela will use a variety of techniques to access higher vibrational energy and link it to what you are working on manifesting during that session.

    Will our session be confidential?

    This is a Professional session and as such will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Your session will honor where you are now and where you are aiming to be in your relationships, career, finances and wellness. Visionary Sessions are uniquely tailored just for you and can be a powerful tool of transformation and change to help you move your life to the next level.

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