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Pandemic Fatigue

The pandemic has left many of us feeling anxious, sleep-deprived and uncertain about the future. To help you during these challenging times, we’ve put together a few resources that will help you calm your mind, get some rest, and reinvigorate your hope for the future.

Angela Strank

Angela is passionate about using her profound gifts to assist others in transforming and living their best lives. She is much much more than a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Angela is often referred to as the Life Changer. Using her gifts and talents, she helps clients move through major life challenges into successful outcomes. Her gentle trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many.

Feeling Anxious?

Our gift to you is this incredibly powerful and soothing Meditative Healing video. More than just a meditation, this video is infused with potent, high-vibration energy that will surround and comfort you as you listen to it.

Enjoyed this special Meditative Healing?

There are many more where this came from inside of Angela’s bestselling course – Dream Quest – to help bring you into a calm state so that you can open up to receive the manifestations of your dreams.

“I had been working with Angela in my personal life for a year, watching all of my dreams materialize and all of my relationships grow and balance. When she began working on my business I set very specific goals and intentions, within a few months my business has grown “effortlessly” and my stress levels have gone from 10/10 to 2/10. I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy Angela is working with has everything taken care of for my business. It continues to grow, new goals continue to be set and met, and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders. I no longer worry about where the next client will come from, I have total trust in Angela’s work. I am forever grateful and can’t imagine life before working with her!”

Mortgage Specialist, Canada

“I’ve been working with Angela since 2017.  Her guidance has had a profound effect on my attitude and approach to life in general, how I build relationships and maintain more consistent balance in my life. In February 2020 we began working with my business establishing specific goals and intentions, and within a month there was a tangible shift in momentum in my work life.  It has only grown from there.”

Now is the time to transform our limiting beliefs

As we make our bubbles smaller, it’s an important time to bring our untapped dreams into reality. And yes, we can do this in the middle of a pandemic!


Here’s a sneak peek into just one of the powerful videos found in Dream Quest.

Want to learn how to turn your dreams into reality?

Dream Quest is a 6-month long, jam-packed course designed to walk you through this process. Click below to learn more!

 I truly feel I have shifted more in our 3 sessions together than in the last almost 40 years!
So much calmer, definitely more solid, radiance is on it’s way! I always felt I had the huge heavy burden of energy that seemed glued to me but I knew it wasn’t the real me, I just couldn’t shift it no matter what I tried..and I have tried a lot! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the catalyst for change that I have been searching and and my soul has been willing and longing for me to find.  It has been a real game changer for me.

Angela, Langford, Canada

“I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy work I am doing with Angela is not only improving my work life, but I no longer feel worried about what comes next. It continues to grow; new goals continue to be set and met and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders.”

Realtor, Cayman Islands

Why do we want to speak directly to the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is estimated to be a million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and controls every part of our lives!

Learn more in the video below.

Want to learn how to reprogram your mind for success??

Angela has created a 6-month course to guide you through the process. Click below to learn more!

“I can’t help but think about you Angela when I think about happy I am. 

I can’t help but think about you Angela when I think about happy I am. I think you had a lot to do with my feelings of peace, appreciation, and happiness. Thank you for everything. The energy healing, the meditation, and mostly just being a fantastic example of a strong amazing woman. I have struggled through many challenges and I don’t know how I would have done it without her. Thank you, Angela to your devotion to helping others and being the change you want to see in the world!”

Stephanie C, RN

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