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Angela Strank - Thank You!

Did you know that Angela is very passionate about helping animals?

She has actually been able to help countless animals using the same high vibrational energy that she uses with humans. She is feeling called to work with animals in a bigger way, and has created a special Prayers page on her website where you can submit your request for specialized attention for your four-legged or feathered friend. 

It has been theorized that it takes 21 days to create change. Because of this, Angela will be praying for your animal for 21 days straight with the hopes of creating greater ease, comfort and healing for your beloved family member.

Your kind donations ensure that Angela can continue offering this service to those in need. Thank you.

Energy Support for Your Animal Friends

Introducing Calvin. This little guy was rescued from the States and moved up to Canada at just 3 weeks old. When he arrived he had a lung issue and virus infection which made it impossible for him to be adopted out. He received the best veterinary care and yet was still unable to get rid of his deep chest cough and various food allergies. Within a few weeks I was able to convince the rescue to let me take him home with the promise to continue with his regular medical care, which I honored. 

The day I brought him home we started daily energy medicine for him and his constitution. Within two weeks his cough and food allergies were starting to subside. At the one month mark he no longer had a cough and we had solved his food issues. Today he is a vibrant, frisky little guy filled with love and spunk.

– Angela Strank


A love for Animals…

My connection with animals comes honestly after being raised on a hobby farm and spending my entire life around animals. But my love for animals comes from my mom, who has dedicated her entire life to helping animals in need. Over 50 years ago she also founded the Westsyde Trail Riders and to this day still volunteers her time to run this Club for aspiring young riders and their beloved horses.

Thanks to my mom, I am passionate about helping all animals in need. I have rescued several animals, brought them back to sound mind, body and spirit and either adopted them into my family or found them new forever homes. I have also found a unique way to give back to my mom and animals by using high vibrational energy to help animals return to wellness. As a Health Practitioner & Certified Quick Pulse Practitioner, I have the honour of working with all types of animals in my own special way. I utilize both the Quick Pulse and other forms of Energy Medicine to help heal our furry friends. This means no drugs or invasive techniques for your beloved animals!

How it works…

Love for Animals Healing sessions are offered over the PHONE with the owner, as DISTANT healing sessions or as IN-PERSON sessions for those who live in Angela’s community.

It has been proven that there is a strong energetic relationship that bonds an animal to their owner and often is reflective in their dynamic. For this reason, the Quick Pulse can be used on both animals and their owners.

The Quick Pulse was developed by Jo Dunning in Southern California and is quickly becoming a world recognized modality for healing and transformation. It can be helpful in clearing trauma, injuries, various health ailments and the negative effects of abuse for your beloved animal. It can also be effective in the relief of stress-related ailments, preventive health care, agility performance and is great to help boost your animals immune system.

What happens during a session…

During a session, you as the caretaker of the animal will focus on the issue or concern while petting your pet as the energy follows your attention to clear away whatever the cause of the experience or symptom is for them.  Focusing on the unwanted symptom or experience creates a stress response both in the owner and the animal and the energy will begin to clear it, leaving more room for health, wellness and maximum performance!

During a process your animal will feel very relaxed. It’s not important what you notice during our time together as much as it is what you notice in the days and weeks to come in your animal that matters. Your pet will begin to feel more free, alive and playful. Your animal’s performance levels and behaviours will also begin to improve.

Success Stories…

“Angela is one of the most caring, sincere people I’ve ever met. She works with people and animals with absolute commitment to helping. Thank you Angela for all you’ve done for me and for being a lovely, shining spirit in the world.”

~ Sheila M., Artist, Indio, CA

“My 12 year old cat Max  had a large lipoma very close to his left eye. The tumour could not be removed surgically because Max’s red blood cells were not maturing properly. Sometimes when he washed his face he would catch it with his dew claw and make the tumour bleed.  It was bloody, crusty and obviously painful for the poor cat.  I was very concerned about infection, especially because the lipoma was so close to his eye.  Angela did 3 minutes of Quick Pulse on Max;  focussing on the lipoma and the discomfort and mess the lipoma created. The next evening when I got home for supper, the tumour was hanging by one single thread of tissue. A snip with sterilized scissors, a dab of Polysporin and 12 hours later you would never know anything at all had been on his face. It was absolutely amazing – effortless – and wonderfully effective.”

~ Brigid, a happy cat owner.

“I brought Cinder to Angela with a cyst on her paw that was infected and inoperable. After 5 days of trying epsom slat baths, antibiotic cream, cones to stop licking, bandages with bitter spray on them and 4 vet visits we decided to try a different route. It is now not even 48 hours after the session with Angela and there is no sign of infection, the cyst is flattened out and Cinder is not in pain or licking at her paw all the time. All that is left is a small open wound with a healthy pink colour! Best thing about it is the treatment was easy on Cinder who is terrified of the vet office, we sat in a park and Cinder was relaxed and calm and could walk around. So happy we did this.”

~ Ashley A. – Saanichton, BC

I bought my horse Topaz last year from a farm in Alberta. I quickly realized that the hay quality on Vancouver Island was much different than where my horse had originally come from. My horse started having extremely runny manure, so naturally I made a call to the veterinarian, which resulted in many tests and not a lot of solutions besides changing the hay and pre/probiotics. After months of trying new hays and trying a number of alternatives, I made a call to Angela. My Appointment was the next day over the phone. Angela and I discussed the main issue regarding Topaz’s digestion issue and, to my surprise, within 24hrs of the call Topaz had a solid manure for the first time in months. The experience was a gentle approach and it meant my horse did not have to take any harsh medications, and that her hind gut could start to heal. I would recommend this service to anyone with an animal.

~ Samantha & Topaz – North Saanich , BC

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