Receive special support from Angela in any area of your life.

Angela Strank - Thank You!

Many people have noticed amazing transformations in their lives as a result of receiving these potent and powerful prayers from Angela.

Because it takes 21 days to change a pattern or behaviour, Angela has committed to praying for each person or animal on the list for 21 days once they are submitted. You will receive an email from us once the 21 days have come to completion.

Prayer List Instructions

You can submit your name or the name of an animal or loved one whom you feel could use some support. If you submit a prayer request for an animal or loved one, please enter your own name in the First Name and Last Name fields, and enter the name of the person or animal you wish Angela to pray for in the Prayers For field. 

If you have any questions or would like to share with Angela about the miracles that begin to show up in your life, she’d love to hear from you at

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