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Angela Strank is a Transformation Expert  +  Intuitive Healer  +  Author  +  Speaker

“If you ever need anyone on your side this beautiful soul is who you want. Angela never lets me give up on my dreams even when they feel out of reach. She walks with me through all the hard stuff and gets me through with ease and grace. I always feel a renewed sense of possibility and relief after a session with her. Not only does she believe in me no matter what but she reminds me to believe in myself and what I want for my life and THIS is the place from which I take action towards them. Thanks to Angela, I know that no matter what I am turning my dreams into my reality.”

– Realtor, Vancouver

“Hello Angela! I just wanted to take a moment and say WOW and THANK YOU! Reflecting on the last few months that I have been working with you I have evolved and learned so much, and some of the successes I have experienced are : buying my dream townhouse, selling my condo, setting clear relationship boundaries, attracting larger mortgage deals, and looking at a lot of patterns from childhood etc. I am so incredibly grateful for you and your guidance ❤️.”

– C. R., Vancouver Island

“Angela Strank is much more than a healer and life coach, she is a life changer. Using her gifts and talents, she helps me work through major life challenges. She does this first by listening, second by clearing blocks using powerful Source Energy, and third by helping me shift my perspective.  Her impact on my life has been immeasurable.”

– Danielle B., Entrepreneur, Cayman Islands


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