When a challenge presents itself in a healthy relationship, it is an opportunity to heal the past and transform the future.

Everybody who comes into our lives can serve as a great teacher and a mirror. Sometimes we project our own pain onto a relationship instead of turning the mirror around and looking within. Projection can create the illusion that a relationship needs healing when actually it may be the past or our self that needs healing. That’s why we often end one relationship just to attract another one like it to take its place.  But when we become conscious enough to know the difference, we can embrace our current relationships as an invitation to heal not only our self, but also our past.
It’s in our deepest intimate relationships where we meet our unhealed past and awaken our untapped potential for the future.

    Forgiveness Affirmations

    Speak these out loud to yourself with your hand over your heart.

    • I do not take anything personally and forgive those who do not know better.
    • If others choose to act out of integrity, that is not my responsibility.
    • I forgive those who have wronged me in order to live a life full of peace, love, and joy.
    • I forgive people who have wronged me and release all resentment. I deserve to live at peace. 
    • I know a person hurts another based on their own fears and pain.
    • I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are and I simply love who I am.
    • Everyone I meet has something to teach me. I am always trying to see the bigger picture.
    • Patience, understanding, and compassion comes naturally to me.
    • Nobody is perfect. Not even me. And that’s okay.
    • I take full responsibility for my role in conflict with others.
    • I forgive myself and release the past.
    • I am good enough as I am.
    • My happiness is more important than being hurt and holding a grudge.
    • My feelings may be hurt and my heart may be wounded, but I will never stop loving.
    • Each act of forgiveness helps my heart to heal. I bring love, peace, joy, and forgiveness to the world.
    • I am capable of offering unconditional love anytime.
    • I see life with loving eyes, so life could unfold its beauty to me.
    • I bring joy, love and gratitude to the world.
    • I am grateful I have the choice to forgive.
    • Everyone is doing their best even if their best is not enough.

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