Five Minute Forgiveness Meditation

by Feb 8, 2019Blog, Inspiration, Personal Development

Forgiveness exercises are very powerful. When we are able to forgive, not only do we heal but we also draw back to us the energy we lost in holding on to our resentments and anger.

Here is a powerful forgiveness meditation exercise that I use to help whenever healing is needed. This exercise can be used to heal a relationship with yourself, another or a deceased loved one.

Imagine you are in a beautiful meadow somewhere. It’s a beautiful, warm sunny day and there is just you in your scenery. Surround yourself and the entire meadow with beautiful white-light healing energy. When you feel the energy has filled your meadow completely, invite the person you wish to do some healing work with to your meadow. See them enter the meadow through a gate somewhere on the perimeter of your scenery.

If the forgiveness work you want to do is with yourself, you can call in a version of yourself as well. If it’s healing you need to do with yourself about the past, you can invite a younger version of you to enter. When your guest enters your meadow, invite them to join you by standing in front of you. Surround your guest in beautiful white-light healing energy as well. Start by sharing with your guest, in a loving and respectful manner, what is in your heart that needs healing. For example, if you have been hurt by this individual you can say the following,‘When you did _________ I felt very hurt.” Keeping it simple defines what needs to be healed without creating any additional pain.

Then imagine a ball of rose-pink healing energy is hovering above your head. Rose-pink energy, like a rose quartz, symbolizes the energy of love and forgive-ness. See the ball of light descending until it enters into the top of your head. Visualize the energy flowing through the head, down the neck and into your heart space.

Now tell your guest that you love and forgive them. You can say something like, “Sarah, I deeply and completely love and forgive you for ___________.” As you are giving your guest the gift of forgiveness, watch as some of the beautiful rose-pink energy flows out from your heart space to their heart.

Finish the ritual by saying the following, “As I love and forgive you, I love and forgive myself and in doing so we are both freed.” Give thanks to your guest in your own special way for coming to help you heal. You can give them a hug or just give thanks through your words. Do whatever feels the most natural. Then watch as your guest leaves your meadow through the same gate they entered.

©Angela Strank

If you are needing additional support around forgiveness, I have created a mini Forgiveness Workshop just for you. I know from working with countless clients over the last 20 years that true forgiveness is the key to all happiness in life. This mini Workshop can be completed in just under 2 hours and can change your life. Click here to get started today.

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