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What is the Field of Dreams Meditation?


The Field of Dreams is a 14-minute guided Energy Rich session designed to manifest your dreams with greater ease and grace.  This guided visualization will help you reconnect and realign with dreams you hold deep in your heart that have not yet come to fruition.

The energy is wise and wants the very best for you. As the energy builds each time you tune in, we are excited to provide lifetime access to this beautiful meditation.


Praise for Angela’s Energy Rich Meditations

Thank you for everything. The energy healing, the meditation, and mostly just being a fantastic example of a strong amazing woman.

Stephanie C., Registered Nurse

The gratitude I have for Angela is limitless.  I am blessed that she shares her gifts with us and so happy we are open to receiving.   We have manifested dreams we never thought possible with the support and guidance of Energy Rich meditations, Dream Quest and one on one sessions with Angela.  Life is AMAZING!

Danielle C, Entrepreneur

Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – she is gifted and can tap into your energy without even knowing you, having never met you and before you even say a word! INCREDIBLE!!!

Dawn C.

Are you ready to manifest with more ease?

Angela is a leading expert in helping people engage the subconscious mind for change. She uses high vibrational energy with potent guided visualizations to transform lives. It is Angela’s passion and belief that everyone deserves to thrive. She believes that living a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life is available to everyone when we change limiting beliefs. Her gentle, trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many.

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