Do you know what it means to THRIVE? Or are you living in a state of survival?

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Many people are living in a mere state of survival. This is because our biggest fears are connected to coping; coping with money, relationships, careers, family etc. and usually all at once. Some of us have stronger coping mechanisms and others are struggling just to get through the day.

Excessive stress, emotional trauma, low self-esteem and exhaustion can all keep us small and held down and locked into survival mode.

Join the many people that have worked with Angela to manifest the life of their dreams. We can begin to THRIVE now when we let go of guilt, shame, fear and frustration that keeps us in survival mode.

Angela’s Transformational THRIVE Healing sessions will help unravel the deep conditioning that keeps you small and held down to reawaken your true power.  She will help clear the limiting beliefs, overwhelm and emotional charges that block you from THRIVING today.

Here is why this special offer is important to you.

Reason #1 By Angela Strank
You are here on Earth to lead a joyous and abundant life. By balancing your emotions, energy and changing self-limiting beliefs you can learn how to THIVE.

Have you been in living in a constant state of struggle? Do you understand the deep pain that comes from broken relationships and self sabotaging behaviours? Do you have financial difficulties and barely make ends meet? Are you lost and confused, waiting to find your purpose in life? If so, I can relate. This was my life for over 40 years!
But that is not my truth anymore. I hit rock bottom, did the deep inner work, and came out the other side THRIVING. I am more abundant than ever before and most importantly I am at peace being me. I now know what it means to live a life of true contentment.  I have not only found my true life purpose, but I am living it!
I want the same for YOU.
Reason #2 by Angela Strank
I want to HELP you be who you truly are, do what you love and LIVE your dreams. As your Transformational Life Coach & Healer, I will support you in letting go of what is in your way. There is nothing you cannot shift. You are capable of so much more than you can ever imagine.
Reason #3 by Angela Strank
Our professional relationship will evolve in the way that best supports you. I will listen intently to what you are saying, then I will tune into your energy and provide energetic support to create the lasting shifts you need to move forward successfully. I will help you to say “yes” to the miracles that are available to you and to step into a life of true fulfillment.
Reason #4 by Angela Strank
A THRIVE Healing session is a powerful investment for your life.  I look forward to working together to build the life of your dreams.  Let me help you shift from negativity to being truly happy.

Angela is much more than a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer and Teacher. She is often referred to as the Life Changer. Using her gifts and talents, she helps clients move through major life challenges into successful outcomes. Her gentle trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many. She is passionate about using her profound gifts to assist others in transforming and living their best lives.

Angela Strank

Here is what others are sharing about their experiences with Angela:

Testimonial from Dawn for Angela Strank

“You are amazing and my life has gotten a million times better since working with you”

~ Dawn P., Health & Wellness Entrepreneur Langford, BC

Angela is very intuitive, she knows exactly what I am going through. She does not make you relive your past which can be painful.  In fact after a session with Angela I feel relaxed, refreshed and full of energy.

~ Margo K., Marketing Manager, Victoria, BC

Danielle BAngela is much more than a life coach, she is a life changer. Her impact on my life has been immeasurable.

~ Danielle B., Woman Entrepreneur, Cayman Islands

Angela is REAL. She is an absolute true person; when you get to know Angela you know that you can confide in her and trust her and you will feel a complete connection with her. You are deeply respected.  

~ W.L.T., Entrepreneur Victoria, BC

I have noticed a HUGE shift in myself since working with Angela… There are some days where I literally cannot ‘wipe’ the smile off my face.

~ E. W. Interior Designer, Edmonton, AB

Testimonial from Wendy for Angela

All I can say is WOW!! The work that you do is truly amazing. Your work is very powerful and if anyone has the chance to work with Angela take it right away. You will be inspired to change!

~ Wendy M., Reg. Massage Therapist, Chemainus, BC 


Begin Experiencing More Happiness Now with Angela’s THRIVE HEALING SESSION PACKAGE.

Are you living a life of THRIVING? Or are you just surviving?

Higher energy emotions such as love or joy elicit a higher energetic state and help us attract more loving, joyful experiences. Lower emotions such as anger and fear lower our energies and as a result we may feel small and held down. In order to manifest our ideal lives, we must come into vibrational harmony with our desires.

What does this mean for you?

When you aim to live life in a consistent higher energy state, life begins to change. Positive emotions bring positive experiences. Painful emotions, physical distress and life long struggle can become a thing of the past.

Angela uses higher vibrational energy and powerful techniques to help create lasting change. Angela’s Healings help you let go of what’s holding you back so you can learn what it means to THRIVE.



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Sign Up Today For Your Own THRIVE Healing Session with Angela And Start Manifesting A Life That Truly Inspires.

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