“The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.”

~ Vernon Howard

Bust Through Your Limiting Beliefs

You are more than you’ve ever been conditioned to believe. You may have unlived dreams that are yet to come to fruition. You can start now and bring these untapped dreams into reality.

Take Control of Every Aspect of Your Life

You can finally experience a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling and passionate life.

Imagine achieving greater success in business, improving your relationships, and taking back your power in all areas of your life.

Discover how changing your beliefs can transform your inner world.

It’s time to manifest the life of your dreams.

“I’ve been working with Angela since 2017.  Her guidance has had a profound effect on my attitude and approach to life in general, how I build relationships and maintain more consistent balance in my life. In February 2020 we began working with my business establishing specific goals and intentions, and within a month there was a tangible shift in momentum in my work life.  It has only grown from there.”

“I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy work I am doing with Angela is not only improving my work life, but I no longer feel worried about what comes next. It continues to grow; new goals continue to be set and met and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders.”

Realtor, Cayman Islands

“I had been working with Angela in my personal life for a year, watching all of my dreams materialize and all of my relationships grow and balance. When she began working on my business I set very specific goals and intentions, within a few months my business has grown “effortlessly” and my stress levels have gone from 10/10 to 2/10. I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy Angela is working with has everything taken care of for my business. It continues to grow, new goals continue to be set and met, and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders. I no longer worry about where the next client will come from, I have total trust in Angela’s work. I am forever grateful and can’t imagine life before working with her!”

Mortgage Specialist, Canada

“Angela Strank is much more than a healer and life coach, she is a life changer. Using her gifts and talents, she helps me work through major life challenges. She does this first by listening, second by clearing blocks using powerful vibrational energy, and third by helping me shift my perspective.  Her impact on my life and profession has been immeasurable.”

Marketing and Media Professional, United States

The Enlightened Entrepreneur is an individual looking to be, and willing to be, transformed from the inside out.

You hold a bigger vision for your life and business than you are currently experiencing. You desire to be on the leading edge with your business and at the same time explore how your inner world impacts those outcomes. 

Working with Angela in business is a unique service where she helps align you and your beliefs with your vision for business. In addition, she offers potent energetic support for your business to help build a strong foundation of growth and opportunities.

In order to work with Angela in this powerful way, please contact our team to set up an interview with Angela.

    These sessions are for individuals who want to supercharge manifesting their dream life.

    You’ve made your visionary board and completed Dream Quest.  What does your dream life look like?  Everyone’s is different. Some focus on a home for their family.  Some focus on their dream job or having a successful business.  Whatever your dream life looks like, manifesting it starts with the subconscious mind.

    The more you are in higher vibrational energy and focused on your dreams, the quicker they will manifest.  Visionary sessions with Angela will access this high vibrational energy and super charge your manifesting.

    Are you ready to transform your life?

    Guided visualizations speak directly to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind knows no difference between visualizing and experiencing. Your logic will be restrained by what you believe. But your imagination will break through those barriers and take you beyond your wildest dreams.

    This meditative healings library is designed to offer you comfort and support through many of life’s experiences and challenges. Each Meditative Healing is completely unique and is guided by source consciousness. Expect to be journeying with Angela for about 40 minutes with some quiet time to reflect afterwards.

    Each recording is from a LIVE group event with Angela. The intention is to capture the energy created by live events. Therefore the natural, live quality of each Meditative Healing has been preserved for you.

    For more information on how you can work with Angela:

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