Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

~ Theodore Roosevelt


Welcome! We are so excited for you to experience the Awakening Transformation process. This process was specifically designed for you and is a powerful way to awaken your dreams.

In order to manifest something new in our life, we must first honour our dreams and then make the space for them to come to life. Showing the subconscious mind a new potential for change, and then letting go of what we no longer need, lays the foundation for manifestation.

Prior to starting this process, we invite you to revisit any old limiting beliefs that you may have identified in this course. By bringing them to mind, it gives the subconscious mind time to address any limiting blocks that may still be lingering.

Trust that any lingering limiting beliefs are not based in truth. You are amazing and your potential for greatness is unlimited.

Often times our limiting beliefs were formed in childhood when we did not know better. The limiting beliefs may have been true back then, but they do not need to stay with you forever.

It is time for you to catch up to who you really are and embrace some new, life affirming beliefs and patterns. This Awakening Transformation process will help you do just that.

In preparation for this process, get yourself comfortable and turn off any devices that may distract you. Expect to be in this process for about 30-40 minutes. At any time during the process you may hit the pause key and resume when you are ready. However, it is recommended that you go through the entire process once without any distractions to get the full benefits.

As you move through this final exercise we invite you to show up with an open mind. An open mind is a flexible mind, which is the perfect foundation for change and transformation. When you change your mind, you can change your life.


Awakening Transformation Meditation: