Are you ready to live your dream life?

Does this sound like you? You know you have gifts to share with the world but you are afraid to put yourself out there. Or you dream of running a successful business but you lack the confidence to make it happen. Maybe you yearn to find your life partner but you are convinced this will never happen for you. Or perhaps you dream to have a body that is healthy, strong and full of vitality again. You want to hold onto hope that is all possible for you but you don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an individual seeking to Live Your Best Life, the key to your success is held in the power of the subconscious mind. Together we can awaken it’s power for you. Let’s get started now.

You can have it all.  

Subconscious Mind Power

Welcome to Dream Quest.

This nine module, self-paced, transformational course will help you focus and get clear on what is important to you, for your dream life.  You will be supported through each of the nine modules with:

  • A complete energy program to awaken your dreams and align you with greater success.
  • 8 New powerful processes to fast track your success in life and business.
  • New supercharged practices to help you crush your business goals.
  • Angela’s powerful Mind Power system to reprogram your subconscious mind to help build the life of your dreams.
  • Powerful techniques to help you change limiting beliefs into successful outcomes.
  • Gratitude section to align you with greater prosperity and happiness in life.
  • Forgiveness module to help release past hurts and failures that may be blocking you.
  • Energy infused meditations to enhance your manifesting progress.
  • Angela’s mastery Manifesting Meditation.
  • Affirmations to awaken greater abundance in both life and business.
  • New Visionary Board experience designed to awaken your biggest dreams for life and business.
  • Chakra wisdom to support your transformational journey into building a life you love.
  • Yoga poses to align your body and mind for success.
  • The Dream Retreat.


There are three options for your Dream Quest journey:

Dream Quest



  • 6 months access to the Dream Quest Life self paced course
  • Access to the team at Academy of Dreams for guidance and assistance (via email and private Facebook group).

Dream Quest PRO



  • 12 Months access to the Dream Quest Life & Business self paced course
  • Access to the team at Academy of Dreams for guidance and assistance (via email and private Facebook group).


Dream Quest PRO+


$1497  (payment plan available)

  • 12 months access to the Dream Quest Life & Business self paced course
  • Energetic support for your visionary board for one month once board is complete ($1500 value)
  • Access to the team at Academy of Dreams for guidance and assistance (via email and private Facebook group).

Ready to launch into your dream life & business now??

This is the option for you.

“I had been working with Angela in my personal life for a year, watching all of my dreams materialize and all of my relationships grow and balance. When she began working on my business I set very specific goals and intentions, within a few months my business has grown “effortlessly” and my stress levels have gone from 10/10 to 2/10. I feel complete confidence and trust that the energy Angela is working with has everything taken care of for my business. It continues to grow, new goals continue to be set and met, and I just get to enjoy all of the stress being taken off of my shoulders. I no longer worry about where the next client will come from, I have total trust in Angela’s work. I am forever grateful and can’t imagine life before working with her!”

Mortgage Specialist, Canada

“I’ve been working with Angela since 2017.  Her guidance has had a profound effect on my attitude and approach to life in general, how I build relationships and maintain more consistent balance in my life. In February 2020 we began working with my business establishing specific goals and intentions, and within a month there was a tangible shift in momentum in my work life.  It has only grown from there.”

Are you ready to manifest like never before?

You will start by reviewing where you are in life or in business and then be guided through a variety of processes to not only create your visionary board but infuse it with manifesting energy.  You will learn how important gratitude is and how to effectively incorporate gratitude into your daily life.  You will clear blocks from previous experiences through forgiveness exercises and you will get clear on what limiting beliefs are holding you back. 

All of these elements need to be addressed if you are, in fact, going to live the life of your dreams. 

You can have it all.  

Praise for Dream Quest

Just paid off my student loan!!! WOO HOO!!! I am in awe of how it’s possible to pay off 3 major debts in one year, especially while on maternity leave! Once again, thanks to the magic and unbelievable Dream Quest course by Angela Strank! Three down, two to go!

Dawn Z. - Langford, Canada

Got a call this morning from my new gallery on Saltspring. My painting was the first to sell at the opening of their new show – sold within an hour! Yay Dream Quest! Thank you Angela!

Sheila M, Vancouver Island

This is a very beneficial course that will help you focus on what you want to have in your life. Angela Strank is a very gifted guide and helps you “see” your goals more clearly. Certainly worth your time….. And it works!

Karen B. ~ Sidney, BC

Angela is a leading expert in helping people engage the subconscious mind for change. She uses high vibrational energy with potent guided visualizations to transform lives. It is Angela’s passion and belief that everyone deserves to thrive. She believes that living a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life is available to everyone when we change limiting beliefs. Her gentle, trusting nature, deep compassion, and intuitive gifts have touched the lives of many.

Are you ready for your own life transformation?