No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone else who isn’t trying. ~ Tony Robbins

Angela designed this course both for those Individuals looking to manifest their Dream Life and for Entrepreneurs who wish to awaken a higher level of success within their business. 

She invites you to start the journey in the area you need the most support with, whether that be your personal life or in business, should you be a business owner.  Since you will have 6 months’ access to the course content, you could alternatively address both areas as you progress throughout the modules.

For this reason, you will come across affirmations for both The Awakening Individual and the Enlightened Entrepreneur throughout the course.  


The Awakening Individual is someone who wants to align with your greatest potential and live the life of your dreams. You thirst to understand and explore the true meaning of your life. You have a deep desire for change, whether it’s healing your intimate relationships, honoring your life purpose or loving your body.

You are beginning to understand that you are more than you’ve ever been conditioned to believe. You may have unlived dreams that are yet to come to fruition but you are craving to bust through your limiting beliefs so that you can bring these untapped dreams into reality.

Dream Quest is a powerful course designed to help you transform self-limiting beliefs, create real, lasting change and set you up for success in all areas of your life.  As a result, you will begin to believe in yourself again as you watch your dreams begin to manifest in seemingly magical ways.

Your dreams matter. And we believe in you. Angela and her team look forward to celebrating with you as your dreams start coming true for you.



The Enlightened Entrepreneur is an individual looking to be, and willing to be, transformed from the inside out.

You hold a bigger vision for your life and business than you are currently experiencing. You desire to be on the leading edge with your business and at the same time explore how your inner world impacts those outcomes.

But maybe you lack the self-confidence to back up your visions and dreams in an empowered way? Maybe you are looking for long-lasting, deep-rooted change and desire to make a greater impact in the world and yet feel stuck? Perhaps you are wanting long-lasting change in all areas of your life, including running a successful business and manifesting improved relationships.


Dream Quest for business is a unique service to help align you and your beliefs with your vision for business. In addition, this course offers potent energetic support for your business to help build a strong foundation of growth and opportunities.

You are ready to fully commit to your business ideas or take your business to the next level…


In Life and Business: