Nothing happens to me. Everything happens for me.

~ Alice Inoue

Use the Power of Gratitude to Change Your Life

Gratitude is a powerful way to create massive change in our lives. It can move us from a place of feeling stuck and disempowered to a state of absolute thriving in all areas of our lives. When we consistently are grateful for all that we have in life already, it keeps the flow of abundance and miracles flowing through our lives. It’s almost like gratitude is life giving and exponentially becomes more plentiful in its fruition. It not only speeds up the realization of what we want to come into our lives, but it also increases more blessings and miracles coming our way.

Thanks Giving:

The more we are grateful, the more life can bring us to be grateful for.

Offering gratitude helps to open up life’s greatest potential for us. When we are deeply grateful for all of life, it seems like anything is possible for us. In this state, opportunities become plentiful and we truly understand that our potential is limitless. But this state is not easy to maintain if we are not consistently focusing on our blessings and good fortune. The mind tends to want to seek out all problems as a way to self-protect. “If I am stressed about something and I focus on it then maybe I can control it.” Unfortunately, this kind of mindset is counter to the Law of Attraction. Good or bad, whatever we focus on grows. And as we become so focused on our troubles and trying to fix them, we can forget to be grateful for what is working in our lives.

Being grateful for the smallest of moments throughout the day is a key to building more and more gratitude. Seeking to appreciate the precious moments keeps the mind focused on our blessings instead of our problems. For example, being fully present as you savor a delicious cup of coffee in morning is a form of gratitude. Or allowing yourself to get lost in a really good book without feeling guilty is also being grateful. Or enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the fresh air as you leave your house to go to work. Even our routines can be precious moments that we all can take for granted. Remembering to be grateful for taking our dog for a walk and the opportunity to connect with nature instead of rushing the experience.

We are all blessed everyday in countless ways. And yet, how often do they go overlooked until we are in a situation where we can no longer participate in those blessings? For example, we would all be wise to heed the advice of our elders who encourage us to take good care of our bodies and appreciate our physical health while we have it. And yet, the mind seeks to focus on what is not available instead of what is. “My body is not thin enough.” Or, “I don’t have the nice tight arms like I used to.” One day we all look back and think wow, things really weren’t that bad.

My wish for you is to love and appreciate everything about your life. The good, the bad and the ugly, as we like to term it.

Because one day all those things won’t matter and you may have missed out on the biggest gift you were ever given and that is the gift of life. Remember to slow down. Be kind. Be gentle with yourself and others. Try not to take life too seriously. In the big picture of it all, we are only here for very short time. Allow yourself to see what a beautiful gift you are in the world. And remember that all of life is unfolding to give you the opportunity to express the greatest version of yourself, whatever you choose that to be. When you get the deeper meaning of these words, you will understand that life truly is unlimited for you.

Daily Practice – A powerful tool to speed up manifestation.

Everyday I invite you to take some precious time to yourself and daydream. Turn off any distractions, get comfortable, close your eyes and quiet the mind. Take a couple of deep full breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to help turn off the mind and come back into the body. When you are in a relaxed space, allow yourself to daydream about your ideal life without any restrictions. What would your dream life look like if you could manifest it effortlessly today? Who would be in your life. to share it with you? Where would you be living? And what amazing experiences would you be having? Allow yourself to imagine this dream life as if you were living it right now. How does that feel? Whatever that feeling is, try and magnify it. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between visualizing and experiencing. And since it is called our hidden manifestor, it is the part of the mind that we want to engage in this exercise. The more we can open our imagination to the possibilities, the more we can embody the energy needed to bring about the change. 

Now that you can imagine this dream life so well that you can taste it, feel gratitude for this amazing life. Allow gratitude to wash over your entire being, flooding every cell of your body with this good-feeling state. This feeling of deep gratitude will bridge the gap of where you are now to where you dream to be.