Dream Board Course with Angela Strank


Are you feeling unfulfilled? Financially drained? Unclear about your path? Disconnected from your purpose?


What if I could show you how to unlock your greatest source of power. Would you then invest in yourself & your future? This power I’m talking about will give you freedom to create your reality and manifest true success in your life.

How do you unlock this power? Simple…speak to the subconscious mind. 

My journey has led me to create a special course five years ago designed to do just that.  The Dream Board course unlocks the incredible source of power of your subconscious mind. This power will give you the freedom to manifest true success into every corner of your life.

Want to learn how to unlock your greatest source of power? 

This power will give you freedom to co-create your reality and manifest true success into every corner of your life. This course enables YOU to overcome self-created barriers and transform & manifest an abundant, fulfilling life.

“If there is one thing you do to clarify and focus on your creative passions, this is it! Angela Strank is magical, and it was a ton of fun.”
– Emily O.

Discover How to Live a Life with Your Dreams Fulfilled Now!

Enjoy this powerful manifesting process from my interview with Elizabeth at Interior Wellness about Dream Board.

What makes this course so powerful?

The Dream Board course begins with a presentation on directing the power of the subconscious mind as a focused manifesting tool. Next participants begin the process of creating your Dream Board. Each individual collaborates with Angela in finding the perfect images for your masterpiece.  These images elicit an emotional response to symbolically represent what the person wishes to manifest! The group participates in a process to help align each person’s conscious desires with their subconscious beliefs. The course closes with a guided meditation to anchor goals deep within the subconscious mind.  This step clears away any unwanted barriers. Each person ends the course empowered to manifest the things they DO want on their Dream Board.

This is not just a vision board course.

I will share with you my knowledge and expertise to help you break through the barriers & limitations to experiencing the life of your dreams. I will also provide energetic support to clear the self-limiting beliefs that block you from being happy & deeply fulfilled. Why do regular vision boards NOT work?  There is a difference between selecting random images for a vision board and creating a Dream Board.  Vision boards don’t necessarily communicate to our subconscious mind to make lasting change. They don’t enable our dreams to be manifested.  Each individual element of the Dream Board course has a deliberate intention and specific emotional response that eliminates barriers.  The technique that I created and will share with you allows you to create your best life and manifest your dreams!

Quotation Marks

This is how much I love the course…next year if we don’t end up running it in the Cayman Islands again, I will travel to BC just for the course. It’s that amazing!


– Danielle B., Cayman Islands

Testimonial from Dawn for Angela Strank

It’s quite fascinating when you start to see the visions becoming reality and your dreams coming true. I have accomplished most of my dreams and goals from my dream board, many of which I actually did not believe to be possible, and I am ready to create some new ones in the upcoming 2016 workshop!!!


– Dawn Z., Entrepreneur

Testimonial from Emily O for Angela Strank

I’ve been thinking of you lately. You have helped my life so much! I am thankful for you. Without knowing it-my husband and children are also thankful for you. Thanks for being a catalyst for so many. The heavens picked a good one. Xoxoxo


– Emily O., Victoria, BC

It’s never too late to change. The time is NOW for your dreams to come true. Maybe you’ve held onto dreams from years ago that have yet to come true. Those are the dreams that I want to help you manifest. Let me show you what life can be like when you dare to dream again

…drum roll here…Let It All In!

Dream Board Sidney 2018 – Sold Out!!

Date: Sunday February 18th
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Deep Cove
Cost $165 CAD plus GST
Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat.

Dream Quest Sidney 2017

Date: Saturday February 4th
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Sidney Library
Cost $165 CAD plus GST
Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat.

Dream Quest for Surrogates 2016

Date: Sunday May 15th, 2016
Time: 11am – 3pm
Location: Sidney Library
Cost Private Event – Registration closed to the general public.

Dream Quest Cayman Islands 2016

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2016
Time: 11am – 3pm
Location: TBA
Cost $175.000 US funds
Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat.
Course Organizer: Danielle Cococcia Bebarfald by email at dkcococcia@gmail.com

Dream Board Kamloops 2016

Date: Saturday July 23rd
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost $195 CAD plus GST
Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat.

Can’t Attend Any of These Events?

Angela offers the Dream Board experience one on one either in person or over the phone.  She works with individuals or small private groups. Contact Angela to create your own personal Dream Board experience!

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Got a call this morning from my new gallery on Saltspring. My painting was the first to sell at the opening of their new show – sold within an hour!  Yay Dreamboard!

– Sheila M., Artist

Taking Angela’s Dream Board course was the nicest thing I did for myself all year.

– Barbara S., Author

This is a very beneficial course that will help you focus on what you want to have in your life. Angela Strank is a very gifted guide and helps you “see” your goals more clearly. Certainly worth your time….. And it works!

– Karen B., Sidney, BC

Thanks so much for organizing the course and bringing Angela over to coach us. I had a great experience and especially love how passionate she is about helping us and confident about it too!

– Phillipa, Cayman Islands

I attended a vision board event with the fabulous Angela Strank. It was a very fun event being in a group setting and helping each other find our images for our boards. During the event Angela did some energy work with us to help remove the blocks (that we had previously identified and prepared on a list) and to help us manifest our dreams (again with our list). She also gave us all the materials we needed and great instruction and direction about the entire process. It’s quite fascinating when you start to see the visions becoming reality and your dreams coming true. I have accomplished most of my dreams and goals from my vision board, many of which I actually did not believe to be possible. Thank you so much Angela. Love the Dream Board course.


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