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Welcome to our Conscious Together Membership Site – It’s FREE!

Conscious Together exists to support our members in raising consciousness within their lives and relationships.
We don’t need to walk the conscious path alone.  When we journey in spiritual growth with each other, we experience accelerated growth, hope, inspiration, abundance and deeper connection.
We Are Conscious Together.

Join our Conscious Together Membership Site – It’s FREE!

Here are a few people’s experience from receiving energy support from the White Light Affirmations…Just one of the free services found in our membership site!

“You made me laugh so much yesterday….went to pick up my daughter early and as soon as I pulled into the school parking lot it began POURING.  Absolute downpour and really windy as well.  Minutes before it was bright and sunny.  So, knowing an umbrella wouldn’t help me I just got out and got drenched.  Picked up my daughter and we went back out in the rain and laughed SO much—we were just giggling like two little girl friends.  It was a truly precious moment.  Anyway, got back in the car and before we had driven down the driveway the rain stopped and sun was out.  I looked at the clock and it was just before 3pm which is right after your White Light Healing support.  I knew the two were related.  THANK YOU for that true gift of a few moments with my girl.”

“Now I know why things were so positive at that time of the day yesterday.  It was a really uplifting time, everything was going right, which is really unusual.  I had a contractor here around 9 and we were going over some things that had been done and I had asked that when his guys came to clean up some mess, if they could put a tarp over the shed. I discovered it’s leaking.  Anyway, they showed up, cleaned up the mess and put the tarp on, had just left, it was nice and sunny, just beautiful. They hadn’t been gone ten minutes when the sky opened up and down poured for the rest of the afternoon.  All around the time you were doing your thing for us.  Amazing.  But it shows how what you do actually does affect people and things do happen.  So keep doing what you do and thank you so much. I need all the positivity I can get.”

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