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Join our White Light Healing Circle. Affirmations + Energy = Transformation. Plus Receive Additional Support to Live Your Best Life.



Thank you for inquiring about my Meditative Healings Group. There is no coincidence that we have met here today.

I created Meditative Healings out of a strong desire to help people let go of limiting beliefs which hold us back from truly THRIVING in life. This desire was born from my own constant failure to make my life work and a deep inner knowing that my conditioning was blocking my success. So I went on a mission to find every tool and technique I could embrace that would effectively change self limiting beliefs. Those tools are now part of my powerful tool box that I bring to this unique and life affirming class.

These events are held in-person every second Monday at 7pm PST.


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I feel abundantly peaceful and calm.

My most wonderful friend, I am full of wondrous energy right now. I feel abundantly peaceful and calm. Thank you so very much. I needed this urgently because I was surrounded with busyness of the mind and I was in dire need of your wondrously calm voice. I am truly grateful. ~ Ona

Thank you Angela for the warm welcome into your meditation circle. You have a most special energy and I look forward to our continuing connection and the guidance you provide. ~ Terry

Thank you for the latest Meditative Healing. It was profoundly strengthening. ~ Sandra

What if I could help you unlock your greatest source of power and live your best life. Would you then invest in yourself & your future? This power I’m talking about will give you freedom to create your reality and manifest true success into your life. How do you unlock this power? Access subconscious mind power.

Just 40 minutes can change your life! Many people in our community, just like you, have reported amazing shifts in their lives as a result of Angela’s Meditative Healings. Members experience pain free living, hope and joy, peace of mind, abundance, connection and greater love. Just by participating in these events, you can quickly begin to make changes. Imagine how different your life might be, if you invested just 40 minutes to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Guided visualizations speak directly to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind knows no difference between visualizing and experiencing. Your logic will be restrained by what you believe. But your imagination will break through those barriers & take you beyond your wildest dreams.

As a group we have come together for healing, exploration of meditation, raising self-awareness, building energy, clearing energetic blocks and practicing the sacred art of manifesting! Amazing people, awesome energy, deep relaxation, intention setting, dream building for a better life and powerful affirmations to get you there.

If you’re ready to unleash your hidden power join Anglea for a powerful Meditative Healing designed to tap into the powerful PLAYGROUND of your imagination! Since the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, it IS your ticket to the good life!

Meditative Healings are held on various Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm. Each Meditative Healing is completely unique and is guided by the consciousness of the group. Expect to be journeying with me for about 40 minutes with some quiet time to reflect afterwards.

I am happy we have connected and look forward to helping you build the life of your dreams!

Big Love, Angela xo

Are you ready to unleash your hidden power?

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