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One of my favorite things to do before starting a new year is to choose a word or sentence that I want to fully experience in the coming year. For example, about 3 years ago my theme for the year was “I love and approve of myself.” I wanted to really understand what those words meant and to be able to honestly say that I meant them. Not only was I shown in that year where I did not love and approve of myself, I was also changed from the inside out to be able to authentically step into that truth.

Two years ago my words for the year were “follow through.” I had chosen that theme because I had some follow through issues that were impacting my business. Not only did I become tenacious in following through in things that held meaning for me, but that’s the year that my business really took off.

Last year’s theme was to be of service in a much greater way. I am happy to say I fulfilled this desire on a much bigger level. This past year I built my Conscious Together Membership, a Meditative Healings Library, my long awaited Dream Quest Online Course and am now 2/3 finished writing my book. All of these dreams have been with me for many years and were just waiting for me to show up! I am proud to say that they will all be launching in 2018 for you.

I don’t know what this year’s theme will be yet, but I know I will be guided. This process of intending to work with Spirit to consciously create my dream life has been life changing for me.

This is where you come in. Next Monday night I will be hosting a live Webinar on cleaning up the energies of 2017 so that you can step into your best in 2018. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to the scheduled time, this event will have a replay option to listen to at your convenience until January 22nd.

2017 has been a challenging year for many people. Most people I know feel like they’ve been through the ringer, with many areas of their lives being challenged. But even if this has been your experience, I do know you can still create your dream life.  When you set intentions and then back them up with follow through, life unfolds in miraculous ways.

So I am inviting you to join me on Monday January 8th to be part of this exciting one-time event to let go of the old and invite in a powerful intention for your 2018. You will be changed for the better by doing so.

The guidance that has flawlessly been showing me the way, is available to you as well. I hope you can join me on Monday January 8th and let the miracles of Spirit show up in your life.


  • Date:  Monday January 8th, 2018
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm PST
  • Location: Webinar with 14 day replay of the event.
  • Cost: $25 CAD plus taxes
  • Within a few hours of registering you will receive an email with the link to access this event.
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Oh Angela. I don’t have words to describe the webinar. Truly MAGNIFICENT. Thank you so very much. It was extraordinary. Thank you. I started yawning the moment I said “I am abundant “, and kept yawning. Again, thank you. Many blessings to you.

– Nicola

Just listened to the webinar for the first time. Wow – it’s so different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. So beautiful and lifting – if that makes sense. I love the way you describe the energy – it really helps me visualize and feel what’s happening. Thank you so much for creating this! I feel like I can work on shifting my resistance in a whole new way now!

– Jeannie

Dear Angela, I listened to the meditations you sent me on PEACE. I did all three. Yesterday morning I got an email from a former friend who broke my trust in the worst possible way. She was reaching out to me to apologize and put the past to rest. This has been an unresolved issue for years. She apologized saying she just wants peace for both of us. The conversation was easy and not uncomfortable for me at all. We both felt heard at the end and I feel truly at PEACE with her. Thank you Angela.

– Carli

Thank you so much for your Full Moon Healing Webinar…. it is so wonderful.  It is at a very ‘High Level’.  I hope you understand what I mean. I loved it – and the one before.  You are doing such important work Angela.  I thank you for sharing them.

– Jo 

Holy that webinar is unreal. Super relaxing. I’ve done it twice already.

– Sasha

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