Dream Big and Change Your Life by Angela StrankIf you have unfulfilled dreams that are persistently waiting for their time, daring you to make that next bold step forward, what are you waiting for? There will always be reasons to not take the leap. Obstacles will never go away. The question is, which are you going to honor? Your dreams or your fears? Maybe you lack the self-confidence to act upon your dreams. Maybe you’ve been doing ‘the work’ and yet you are still not noticing the big changes. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many people have experienced times where they can feel that dream life waiting for them and yet they can’t seem to bring it to life. Rest assured, your inner knowing has your best interests at heart and sees the full scope of what exists for you. It has the capacity to move you beyond ‘surviving’ and into thriving and will support you in realizing your dreams.

Visionary Sessions

I recently began offering Visionary Sessions through my coaching practice in response to the collective desire I recognized in many of you to step into a greater vision for yourselves. To expand. To propel your lives forward into the fullest versions that exist for you. To get you out of that box and let loose on this business of living. Because for many of us, there is an irrefutable and insatiable need to live a bigger life. What this looks like is as unique and individual as the person who holds the vision. Regardless of what it looks like, what this is really speaking to is that desire to approach life from a place of true alignment and purpose. To recognize that even though you may already be living a very happy and successful life and don’t necessarily need more, you undeniably know that there is more for you.  And you can have it. Understand that the bubbling combination of anticipation and excitement swirling within you is the catalyst for true expansion. You are ready for your full potential to be realized and elevate you the next level.

So if you have ever found yourself saying something like  “…well maybe I’m just not meant to…” remember that’s never true. What you yearn for in your heart-of-hearts is absolutely meant to be FOR YOU. No matter what your inner skeptic has believed so far, remember that your biggest dreams live within you because they are intended for you. There are dreams that only you are uniquely positioned to achieve in this life. As you feel drawn to take your life to the next level you will find that this is where the magic is.

Honor where you are now in order to get to where you want to be. And even if there is some fear buzzing in the background, get excited. That means you are nearing a breakthrough. I invite you to explore what this bigger version of your life would look like. Can you identify three steps that you can take to get the momentum moving in your favour? And when you are ready I can help you get there.

Your Best Life Awaits You.

Angela xo

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